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Holistic Health Specialist

Reba brings Allied Holistic Healing Techniques in a natural

non-invasive approach helping numerous people and horses navigate their unique worlds in order to live healthier, happier lives.  A Holistic Life Coach, C.E.M.B.I., RMT, Animal Reiki, QiQong Instructor, the founder of EquiQi, bringing over

twenty-five years of holistic health education and experience to this private practice and to her teaching. She works in person and remotely with clients.


Central to Reba's work is a strong belief that a living practice from within your hearts mind can Open Pathways To Balance and improve every aspect of your life, Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually... When your soul is leading that is poetry of life and healing in motion.

Meet Reba Powell

Healthy Living Starts Here

Holistic Life Coach & Horse Healer
The Art Of Presence
Opening Pathways To Balance
Meet Reba
Why Naturopathy

Holistic Pathways

"Peace begins when we pause and drop out of our heads, into our heats, knowing and accepting all that we are within our soul."  -Reba Powell

Balancing Rocks
Life Coaching


1 on 1 coaching is the most effective way to uncover thought habits you can't see by yourself that holds you accountable to your highest vision and helps you get on top of your life.

Spirit, Strength, Grace
The Art of Presence

Presence... A Living Practice from within your heart's mind, done for just 5 to 10  minutes a day can improve every aspect of you life.


  A 3-Part Learning Experience


The Art of Presence
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CD 3 IMG_6886.jpg
Available in CD or MP3 In Our Shop


"I've been involved with the experience of meditation for 50-years!... This is why I can embrace "The Art of Presence"

Reba - a quintessential gift"

— Cynthia Neill


“Healing means making whole, and that includes becoming aware of our own internal process and accepting all of ourselves including our shadow side. Often healing needs to include body work to become aware of and incorporate emotions we have stored in our body and to release these emotions and the blockages caused by them.”

— Gwen Broz D.O.



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