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MP3 Part 3 - The Grace Of Life – Full Length Session


            Here in this Third Session of the Art Of Presence we are going to be looking at The Tapestry of Life.  Looking within… Listening to soul’s language. Connecting to our true aspect and how our future is determined by how we interact in the present. Quiet the Mind… And the Soul will Speak.


 This living practice is the gateway that brings Wisdom and Healing to ably assist you in every other physical, emotional, spiritual aspect of your life. Mindful Presence… Restores balance within. You have to want it… It takes Practice… Tend to the Fire within… Trust your heart… and it will guide you.


Presence is the art of connecting within… A living practice… It is not something that we go and do it is something that we are and become. And a Presence practice every day… as little as 5-10 minutes a day or longer… when you do this for 30-days, it can improve every aspect of your life… give yourself this gift.

Presence 3-MP3 Download

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