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The Art Of Presence 3-Part Learning Experience


This learned Art of Prescence... is the ability to live every moment of every day in the present moment...Grounded. Centered and in control of our emotions... No matter what is going on within or around you... In charge of the direction of your life.


The complete learning experience!

CD 1  - Part 1 - The Spirit Within

CD 2  - Part 2 - The Strength In Stillness

CD 3  - Part 3 - The Grace of Life


Each CD is divided into 3-tracks for ease of cordinating the course into busy schedules. Allowing you the opportunity to go back after completeing each part and following the 10-minute mindful interlude as many times as you like!


Presence is the art of connecting within… A living practice… It is not something that we go and do it is something that we are and become. And a Presence practice every day… as little as 5-10 minutes a day or longer… when you do this for 30-days, it can improve every aspect of your life… give yourself this gift.

3-CD Set - The Art Of Presence 3-Part Learning Experience

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